DriverSmallA bus driver is an integral part of a student’s day. Seeing them twice daily for 5 days of the week, their smile and warm greeting upon opening the bus door as you flash your bus pass can make your day.

The Gatton Bus Service’s drivers have been making students’ days for over 50 years. Starting with just one bus running to and from Lawes in 1957, Fred and Edna Linning grew the Gatton Bus Service to a fleet of 14 in less than 30 years. When the second run to Ma Ma Creek was introduced in 1958, Edna joined Fred driving the buses. By 1964, the demand of school students requiring bus services saw the company’s routes expand to Helidon, Flagstone Creek, Ropely, Tenthill, Junction View and surrounding suburbs in the Lockyer Valley. A five day return fare to Grantham in those days cost 10 shillings. When Fred died in 1974, their son Murray took on the management of the business, although Mrs Linning remained an active partner until her retirement in 1983.

Since July 1994, Gatton Bus Service has been owned by Jim Hill and has flourished.
In 1994 the company had seven school bus services carrying an average of 400 students. Today the company owns a modern fleet of 21 vehicles, operates 16 school services and carries an average of 985 students per day.

For over 50 years Gatton Bus Service has been dedicated to excellent service, and have done the utmost to provide safe, affordable and reliable travel to students in the Lockyer Valley.